Welcome to the Southwest Oncology Centers and the Grado Radiation Center of Excellence. We have dedicated our lives to educating patients and their families diagnosed with cancer regarding treatment options available to them.

Our team of Physicians, Specially Trained Registered Nurses, Radiation Therapists, Dosimetrists, Physicists and Ancillary staff realizes that this is a difficult time for you and your loved ones. When you are first told that you have cancer, it is a frightening experience that can be followed with overwhelming decisions to make regarding your treatment options. Our team of physicians and nurses will help you through this process by providing outstanding care, information and support. Our team approach for the care of cancer patients means that our radiation oncologists work closely with your family physicians, internists, medical oncologists and surgeons to ensure that each patient receives integrated care for their particular cancer. This team approach is carried forward into the meticulous planning and delivery of treatment with our staff of medical physicists, medical dosimetrists, and radiation therapists.

Your care and comfort are top priorities for us, and our staff will be as responsive as possible to your concerns and needs. We welcome your thoughts and comments throughout your treatment with us. We hope that your experiences throughout your treatment and healing are positive and that you will soon join the millions of cancer survivors.

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Fill Out Our Patient Info Sheet!

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